The Brisbane Ranges Landcare Group's area includes the Brisbane Ranges National Park and the plains which were originally part of the widespread grassy woodlands and grassland plains. Catchment areas and waterways such as the Little River have few remnants of riparian vegetation making this an important conservation area.

There are many panoramic views over the plains towards the You Yangs, Granites and Melbourne.

The Brisbane Ranges Landcare Group is keen to continue to provide support to local landowners who are improving their land, the waterways and the local environment.

Support for members includes assistance with funding for weed and pest control, tree planting and opportunities to be involved in larger projects such as the Little River Project. There is also an important social and community aspect and the Group actively assists the local CFA and Balliang community.

Executive Committee for 2022/2023

Robert Hall (Chair)

Allan [Bart] Bartholomew (Secretary)

Chris Winfield (Treasurer)

Rosemerry Utber  (Newsletter editor)

Committee -

Tony Wilson and Simon Wilkins


Our history

Foundation President Peter Bufton of Staughton Vale did much of the work to bring together landholders from Balliang, Staughton Vale and Anakie who were interested in forming a group and tackling such landcare issues as pest plants and animals, salinity and degradation of natural vegetation.

About 20 people met in the Anakie/Staughton Vale Hall in mid-1997 and chose a name which was distinctive and reflected the most prominent geographic feature of the whole district. We also agreed to become a member of the VFF Farm Tree & Landcare Association, so that we could access the resources available from a larger incorporated body such as advantageous insurance rates and technical information.

Our first project was to construct a sprayer trailer with a grant of $3000 from the Dept of Natural Resources & Environment. This was invaluable and has had a lot of use in spot spraying noxious weeds such as serrated tussock.